Pico Day 2014

2014-04-27 04:49:13 by ColonelCheru

This was my first time attending Pico Day! It was a blast, I've met so many talented and really cool folks.

It was pretty thrilling to have folks know who I was too! That rarely happens. ; v; <3

I'll be sure to be much more active on here from now on. :D

I do arts and voice acting. ;3

and if you want to catch me elsewhere I can be found at






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2014-04-28 02:17:11

It was awesome to see you on the livestream too.
I wish I was there. =(

ColonelCheru responds:

It was fun, maybe next year you'll snag an invite! :)
Glad you saw me on the stream! I know I was on every so often.


2014-05-04 01:09:29

Freakin' awesome finally meeting you :D

ColonelCheru responds:

It was great meeting you too! :D