Sup new peeps!

2015-02-13 03:17:57 by ColonelCheru

HEY GUYS! and hello new followers~ ヾ(╹ω╹)ノ

what's up?

Got my name changed on here. (Bout damn time) I'm now free from the shackles of Cherushii.

I'll be attending Pico Day again this year, gimme a shout out if you're attending too! :Db

oh and check out this latest flash made by RedMinus that Piper and I helped voice with. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑





Pico Day 2014

2014-04-27 04:49:13 by ColonelCheru

This was my first time attending Pico Day! It was a blast, I've met so many talented and really cool folks.

It was pretty thrilling to have folks know who I was too! That rarely happens. ; v; <3

I'll be sure to be much more active on here from now on. :D

I do arts and voice acting. ;3

and if you want to catch me elsewhere I can be found at






2010-10-01 14:13:27 by ColonelCheru

Soooo a news post eh?

I don't really have much to say atm.

Though I'm trying to get this account active again.
It's been dead for the most part for 2 odd some years now.

I mostly draw art. I do some flashes, but I'm not awesome at them like so many of my friends are.
If you want to see ALL of my drawings, not just the ones I deem my best feel free to hit me up
Here -
or better yet, CHECK OUT MY WEBCOMIC @